IPSTAR Broadband Satellite

We have a successful track record of providing the telecom industry, businesses, and government administrations in Asia-Pacific with cost-effective IPSTAR broadband satellite capacity and services since 2005.


IPSTAR Broadband Satellite

IPSTAR 1, also known as THAICOM 4, is a multiple spot beam satellite without on-board regenerative payload. The combination of innovative ground and space technologies allow the delivery of cost-effective satellite broadband services for any location without access to terrestrial infrastructures.

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We Started a Revolution. Ahead of the Game.

IPSTAR is the world’s first High Throughput Satellite (HTS) platform, capable of providing service to up to two million broadband users or nearly 30 million mobile phone subscribers in the Asia-Pacific region.

IPSTAR is the only high throughput satellite platform with a proven track record that spans more than 10 years of providing cost-effective broadband services across Asia-Pacific.


The satellite's 45 Gbit/s bandwidth capacity, in combination with the platform’s ability to provide an immediately available, high-capacity ground network with affordable bandwidth, allows for rapid deployment and flexible service locations within its footprint. The IPSTAR broadband satellite system is composed of a gateway earth station communicating over the satellite to provide broadband packet-switched communications to a large number of small terminals with network star configuration.

Traditional satellite technology utilizes a broad single beam to cover entire continents and regions. With the introduction of multiple narrowly focused spot beams and frequency reuse, IPSTAR is capable of maximizing the available frequency for transmissions thus increasing bandwidth by a factor of twenty compared to traditional Ku-band satellites. Despite the higher costs associated with spot beam technology, the overall cost per circuit is considerably lower as compared to shaped beam technology.

IPSTAR's Dynamic Power Allocation optimizes the use of power among beams and allocates a power reserve of 20 percent to be allocated to beams that may be affected by rain fade, thus maintaining the link.

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